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Freestanding stoves

Freestanding stoves from Taylor Home & Hearth

As cold weather approaches, it’s time to think about the best way to heat your home against those bitter, snowy Rochester winters. If you’ve been thinking about a gas or wood-burning stove, let Taylor Home & Hearth, a division of Taylor Heating, Inc., help you choose the best stove for your home and family. Some of these can even be used for cooking as well as heating!

Lopi Northfield gas stove

lopi northfield gas stove rochester nyThe Northfield™ cast-iron gas stove is a work of art with a classical Early American design and three-side fireview. Despite its size, the Northfield boasts an incredibly large 416 square inches of fireviewing – which highlights the realistic dancing-flame fire from any angle in the room.

The Northfield produces up to 22,000 BTUs, along with an exceptional turn-down ratio of 70-percent – for fantastic control over the amount of heat produced. It can be installed as a top or rear vent and boasts close clearances to adjoining walls (5” in the back and 3-1/2” on the sides) – so you can install it anywhere in your home.

The Northfield features the revolutionary GreenSmart gas burner system and realistic Ember-Fyre burner. The GreenSmart system is the latest in energy-efficient gas technology that heats the home while saving on energy usage and lowering heating bills. The real power of the GreenSmart system is its collection of components, controls and technology features, which includes:

  • New Iron Paint, Black Majolica or Oxford Brown enamel finish
  • Ember-Fyre burner
  • Easy heat/flame Aajustment
  • Comfort Control™
  • Lite Control Panel
  • Choice of pilot ignition modes – IPI electronic ignition or standing pilot
  • Built-in battery backup
  • Standard accent light

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Lopi Berkshire gas stove

lopi berkshire gas stove rochester nyThe Berkshire™ GreenSmart (GS) is Lopi’s newest cast-iron gas stove. With the combination of convective heat, radiant heat and 31,000 maximum BTU heat output, this stove is ideal for mid-sized homes and for zonal heating of large areas of your home.

The realistic “wood-like” flame, along with the heat output, can be controlled by the convenient GreenSmart™ gas valve. The GreenSmart system featuresthe award-winning split-flow Ember-Fyre™ burner with Comfort Control™ that allows you to turn off part of the burner with the push of a button to turn down the heat while maintaining the fire and look of glowing embers.

The GreenSmart Intermittent Pilot Ignition (IPI) allows you to run your stove in either standing pilot mode – where the pilot flame stays on, which is ideal in cold climates, where it is important to maintain a draft for proper operation – or in the electronic ignition mode (IPI), where your pilot flame goes out when you turn off your stove, saving fuel and money. This makes the Berkshire GS one of the most “green” gas stoves you can own.

The Berkshire GreenSmart is available in New Iron Paint finish, or Black Majolica or Oxford Brown porcelain enamel finishes. Double doors are standard and can be removed if desired. Options for the stove include the reversible brick fireback, soothing Aromatherapy oil kit, and choice of stone side kits in Soapstone, Spice Granite or Travertine Stone. Complete your installation by adding a quiet convection blower that is ideal for circulating warmth quickly and evenly throughout the room and increasing the overall efficiency of the stove.

Practical, efficient and beautiful – the Berkshire GS gas stove makes the ideal heating solution to any home.

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Lopi Liberty wood stove

Lopi Liberty Wood StoveAt only 2.6 grams of emissions per hour, the Liberty is the cleanest-burning large stove ever approved by the EPA. It is also the largest stove made by Lopi. With its large viewing area and cooktop surface, the Liberty gives about as much as a wood stove could ever give.

Thanks to the biggest firebox of any large stove, logs up to 24 inches in length can be loaded into the unit. It also features a single control to adjust air flow, making it easy to achieve burn times up to 12 hours long. The Liberty’s step-top design is enchanting yet functional, providing cooking and warming surfaces as well as radiant and convective heat.

The Liberty now comes with GreenStart Option, a patent-pending ignition system for the modern wood burner; just load your wood and push a button! Slow, open-door start-ups and laboring with fickle newspaper have been eliminated.

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Lopi Cape Cod wood stove

Lopi Cape Cod Wood StoveLopi is excited to introduce the Cape Cod as the world’s cleanest-burning, large (3 cubic foot) firebox, cast-iron stove in the world. The Cape Cod features elevated craftsmanship and Lopi styling as well cutting-edge Hybrid-Fyre™ technology. The combination of Lopi’s advanced secondary combustion with catalytic assist is what creates this unique and ultra efficient Hybrid-Fyre™ technology.

The Cape Cod stove produces only 0.45 grams of emission per hour, which is substantially lower than all other large-capacity wood stoves. And at over 80% efficiency, you get more heat from less wood, saving money on your heat bill.

The Cape Cod is unique in cast-iron wood stoves as it features a full convection chamber surrounding the firebox. Room air is drawn through the back convection chamber, then circulated through the convection channel, where it is heated. This hot air is then expelled from the top convection chamber (large, cast-iron, heat sink with decorative Lopi detailing) through natural convection, increasing the temperature of the room. Additionally, an optional high-performance 400 CFM fan pushes convection air through stove greatly improving heat transfer and air circulation into the room. The grate of the stove allows ash to fall into a large-capacity, easy-to-open ashpan, which collects ash and allows for no-mess ash removal. Simply open the latch and slide out the drawer with built-in/removable ashpan (no shovels or buckets required).

A bypass damper on the Cape Cod allows for easy, smoke-free start-ups and refueling. The unit comes with a 6” flue, which allows for close clearance to walls. The Lopi’s exclusive GreenStart™ igniter option makes the start-up process as easy as the push of a button.

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Lopi Leyden wood stove

lopi leyden wood stove rochester nyThe Lopi Leyden is considered the easiest wood stove to use we’ve ever made. With a top load design, the largest firebox in a medium-sized stove to hold more wood than ever before and cross-draft technology that gives you longer burn times with less refueling. The ash removal system is the most convenient to date, with a slide-out ash pan on drawer glides.

All these features let you spend more time enjoying living in your home instead of heating it.

The Leyden features details found in early American-style architecture. The balance and symmetry of this stove impart an elegant charisma, and the fine-quality details are featured on every inch of the stove from the sculptured castings to the special refractory lining. The large double doors feature a view of the fire with 190 sq. in. of ceramic glass.

Leyden’s user-friendly ash pan has the most sophisticated engineering you can buy. It glides on ball bearings and has a handle for easy lifting, so you can quickly and easily empty the ashes. The ash pan system requires no awkward or uncomfortable bending or stooping and results in cleaner, faster, more-efficient ash removal.

Top-loading stoves are the easiest to fill. Simply lift the lid and drop in the wood. No wood or ashes tumble out or spill. The Leyden holds an amazing 45–65* pounds of wood and accepts 21-inch log lengths.

Besides the radiant heat that cast iron is so famous for, the Leyden is designed with a built-in heat-exchange chamber that transfers heat off the stove and into your home. This natural convection can be enhanced with the quiet 160 CFM blower accessory option.

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Lopi Republic wood stove

lopi republic wood stove rochester nyLopi wood stoves have been America’s favorite choice in fire for over 25 years. With a classic Lopi demeanor and economic price point, the Republic 1750 is a practical heater, designed to heat mid-size homes and zones within the household. Its large radiant cooktop surface lets the stove function as a stovetop as well, ideal those cold winter nights. It heats up to 2,000 square feet.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of wood burning in these efficient stoves and never worry about being cold in a power outage again!

Cooking on your Lopi wood stove

One of the great features of a Lopi wood stove is the cooktop surface. Not only will your Lopi wood stove heat your home – even during power outages, but it also gives you a wonderful cooking surface to prepare food. Click here for more information.

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Lopi Answer wood stove

lopi answer wood stove rochester nyDon’t be misled by the compact size of the Answer, as it is recognized for its large heating capacity. The Lopi Answer is a terrific way to heat a smaller home or room and still enjoy the sights and sounds of wood. Clean-burning and efficient, this is definitely the answer to drafty, open fireplaces.

The Answer uses a five-sided convection chamber to distribute heat evenly throughout your home. Cool room air is naturally drawn around the hot firebox, heated and returned back into the room without using a blower. With a firebox that measures 1.6 cubic feet (larger than most other small stoves), the Answer has longer burning times with less reloading of the firebox. Several customization options are available for complete personalization of the unit. This large firebox holds enough wood to heat for 8 hours without reloading and is perfect for spaces up to 1,200 sq. ft.

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Lopi Endeavor wood stove

lopi endeavor wood stove rochester nyThe Endeavor is a beautiful workhorse that unites form and function into an unbeatable heat transfer system. Clean-burning with a warm, radiant heat. Featuring the biggest and cleanest-burning firebox of any medium-size stove. It offers a clearing of 4 1/4” to a combustible surface (the closest clearing of any wood stove in the industry).

The Endeavor features a taller door opening is featured, letting you load in larger pieces of wood and an extended burning time. In addition, a by-pass damper makes start-up easy and prevents smoke-backs during reloading. It heats up to 2,000 square feet for up to 10 hours on one load of wood.

The Endeavor comes with GreenStart Option, a patent-pending ignition system for the modern wood burner; just load your wood and push a button! Slow, open-door start-ups and laboring over fickle newspaper have been eliminated. Click to watch a GreenStart video demonstration.

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Lopi Leyden pellet stove

Lopi Leyden Pellet StoveLopi pellet stoves offer an all-natural, clean and environmentally sound way to heat your home. Pellet fuel is easy to store and easy to use. Wall thermostats and remote control options make the automatic operation even easier – set and maintain a constant temperature in your home for many hours without reloading. These stoves heat up to 2,250 sq. ft.

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Lopi AGP pellet stove

Lopi AGP Pellet StoveThe Lopi AGP pellet stove offers all the benefits of wood heating plus fuel that is clean, compact and easy to use. The pellets are made from all-natural wood by-products. They are safe for the environment and are a renewable resource.

The AGP pellet stove’s unique HRD rotary disc feed system is designed to efficiently burn ALL GRADES of wood pellets to produce a quick, convenient heat.

The EPA has certified the AGP as extremely clean-burning, producing less than 1 gram of emissions per hour, making it exempt from state-mandated burn bans.

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taylor hearth showroom avon ny fireplace

Come visit Taylor Home & Hearth‘s fully furnished Hearth Showroom & see our fully- functional hearth displays! We’re here to help you choose the best model for your needs. Click for more info.